100% Heirloom Seed Bank The Ole Times Seed Bank has 43 Different Varieties!

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100%  Heirloom Seed Bank The Ole Times Seed Bank has 43 Different Varieties!

Want a bank that is easily grown, in fall or spring, and has many different varieties too? Then this bank is for you! Check out this nice and new 43 different garden variety heirloom seed bank! Each seed variety is packaged in clear poly bags and are contained in a larger mylar bag for storage. 

Contents are listed below,


Golden Bantam 8 QTY. 50

Rainbow Indian Corn QTY. 50

Country Gentleman QTY. 50


Landreth Bush Beans QTY. 50

Kentucky Wonder Beans QTY. 50

Royal Burgundy Beans QTY. 50


Roma Tomato QTY. 150

Hillbilly Tomato QTY. 120

Beef Steak Tomato QTY.150


Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce QTY. 2,200

Butter Crunch Lettuce QTY. 2,200


Yolo Wonder Bell QTY. 50

Jalapeno Pepper QTY. 50

Sweet Hungarian Yellow Wax QTY. 50


Top Pick Pink Eye QTY. 50

Oregon Sugar II QTY. 50

Green Arrow Pea QTY. 50


Honey Dew Orange Flesh Melon QTY. 10

Honey Dew Green Flesh Melon QTY. 15

Sugar Baby Watermelon QTY. 10

Tender Sweet Orange Watermelon QTY. 10


Ashley Cucumber QTY. 30

Straight 8 Cucumber QTY. 20


Imperator 58 Carrots QTY. 1,000

Scarlet Nantes QTY. 3,000


Black Beauty Eggplant QTY. 250


Crook Neck Squash QTY. 50

Black Beauty Zucchini QTY. 30

*Brussels Sprouts

Long Island Brussels Sprouts QTY. 100


Red Acre Cabbage QTY. 1,000

Golden Acre Cabbage QTY. 1,000


Red Onion QTY. 250

White Sweet Spanish Onion QTY. 200


Cherry Belle Radish QTY. 800


Broccoli Walt-ham 29 QTY. 200


Snow Ball White QTY. 100


Detroit Dark Red Beets QTY. 150


American Purple Top Rutabaga QTY. 4,500


Clemson Spineless Okra QTY. 70


Shogoin Turnips QTY. 2,000

Golden Ball Turnips QTY. 1,000

White Egg Turnip Green Seeds QTY. 2,000


Southern Giant Curled Mustards QTY. 2,500


Bloomsdale Long Standing QTY. 400