Golden Bantam 8 Corn Seeds QTY. 50

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Photo by South GA Seed Co.

This great corn variety happens to be a very Old time favorite. It is a good quality for an open pollinated corn. The ears grow 6 ½ to 7 inch and has 8 rows of broad kernels. The stalks grow around 5 to 6 foot average height. This corn variety has high yields and interestingly you can plant this one a little closer than others which makes it a good choice for smaller areas.

  • QTY: 50 
  • Seed Planting Depth: 1-2 
  • Germination Temperature: 70-80 
  • Days to Germination: 4-8 
  • Row Spacing: 12-24" 
  • Plant Spacing: 6-8" 
  • 100' Row Yield: 15 lb 
  • Sun: Full 
  • Harvest time: 95 days

How to Save Seeds


Corn will cross pollinate with other corn varieties and readily. Therefore it is recommended to separate by at least 1 mile. Let seeds dry in stalk but don't tarry in fact make sure to harvest as soon as dry. Also make sure to collect from at least 100 separate corn plants to have a healthy batch of corn next year. Rub corn off cobs when dry and store.