Kajari Melon {Rare} QTY. 25

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We were so excited when we found an heirloom farmer of Kajari Melon in the northwest. Kajari is a beautiful unique melon that is believed to have orginated from the Punjab region of India. It starts off with dark green stripes that turn to a bright eye catching orange. The flesh and taste is said to be similar to honeydew melon. Some say it even has a slight apple flavor. Gorgeous addition to any summer garden.

  • QTY: 15
  • Seed Planting Depth: 1"
  • Germination Temperature: 70-80
  • Days to Germination:
  • Row Spacing: 4-6'
  • Plant Spacing: 12"
  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Harvest time: 85 days

How to Save Seeds

Melons will not cross with cucumbers or squash but will cross with other types of melons not to be confused with watermelons however. Muskmelons don't cross with watermelons they are from separate families. They need an isolation of at least ¼ of a mile from other melons. Once you are sure they are ripe cut them from the vine and allow to cure for a few days. Once cured cut open scoop out seeds and follow process found under cucumbers for seed saving. You can eat the flesh at this point seeds are normally ready when melon is ripe.