Vates Blue Scotch Curled Kale Seeds QTY. 1,000

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Photo by South GA Seed Co.

Vates Blue Curled Scotch is an early kale that produces tasty greens when used in salads or steamed. It's leaves are curled and very attractive reaching 12-15" in high, and spread to 20-35" in width. It is extremely hardy and very productive. It actually happens to be one of the best frost resistant kales!

  • QTY: 1,000
  • Seed Planting Depth: 1/4"
  • Germination Temperature: 45-75
  • Days to Germination: 5-12 
  • Row Spacing: 24"
  • Plant Spacing:  15-18"
  • 100' Row Yield: 75 lb
  • Sun: Full
  • Harvest time: 56 days

How to Save Seeds


Most kales are part of the Brassica oleracea family which includes broccoli, cabbage, kale, and brussel sprouts so separate by 1 mile . Siberian kale is an exception it is not part of this family. Mulch kale to last over winter. Kale will go to seed following year; collect dry seed pods.