Black Valentine Bush Bean Seeds QTY. 25

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Peter Henderson introduced these beans in his garden catalouge in 1897. They can be used as a fresh snap bean or used as a dry bean in other dishes. Pods are light green in color, they are tender, and long. Plants are heavy producers and beans are black in color when dried. Great old time heirloom for any garden.


QTY: 25
Seed Planting Depth: 1.5"
Germination Temperature: 75
Days to Germination: 7-10 
Row Spacing: 36"
Plant Spacing: 6"
100' Row Yield: 24 lb
Sun: Full
Harvest time: 57 days


How to Save Seeds




Beans seldom cross pollinate with one another since they are considered to be self pollinators. However that isn't to say it won't occur. So as a precaution it is recommended to grow to different colors of beans near one another if you are limited on space and then observe the seeds when ready. The seed will show signs of crossing if you grew to different colors. If you are concerned about crossing separate by 150ft as a rule. Harvest when completely dried; cure them for a week or so by allowing them to further dry out in their pods spread out from one another, then shell and discard trash.