Growing Black Heirloom Tomatoes

Growing Black Heirloom Tomatoes

10th Sep 2019

Out of all the vegetables we grow throughout the season I always look forward to the first sun ripen tomatoes. Especially this season because we were trying two new black varieties. Now honestly I wouldn't consider either one of these tomatoes black. They actually were more reminiscent of what I would consider chocolate. 

The first variety to ripen up was the Black cherry tomato. The tomatoes themselves were 

pretty standard in size compared to other cherry varieties. But the flavor was excellent, it 

honestly exceeded my expectations. I would say it was rather sweet, but enough acid to 

balance the flavor out. Now the color was gorgeous, it starts out green then turns a 

medium brown and then develops a rich chocolate burgundy color. They were quite juicy 

and very prolific. Its indeterminate so it will produce all season granted its properly cared 

for. So I think it our new favorite cherry variety. Here is a picture below.

The Brandywine varieties are considered  the creme de la creme of the heirloom 

tomatoes. And the Black Brandywine is no exception! The flavor is complex with many 

different layers, it's both sweet and savory. 

It's very juicy, but meaty. The color is vivid with green shoulders and a chocolatey red 

body. Its also indeterminate and will produce over long periods with good care. Overall 

they are both keepers for us. We do have these for sale for the 2020 season so please check 

them out on our homepage under the tomatoes tab. Here is a picture below.

Well I haven't been able to write for a while living off grid is challenging, but hopefully I 

will be able to now that summer is coming to a close. So stay tuned for future posts.

Thanks for reading and God Bless to all