The Year of the Cherry Tomates

The Year of the Cherry Tomates

Posted by Jennifer Dixon on 16th Jul 2017

So this year we decided to grow and add three new cherry tomato varieties to our online seed collection. We have always been a fan of any cherry tomato variety since they usually taste good and produce tons of tasty morsels. The three we decided to grow were Mexican Midget, Tommy Toe, and the well known Chadwick Cherry. So in this article I thought I would take a moment and go over each variety and what we liked about each one.

Below is a picture of the Mexican Midget tomato. These by far were the most prolific cherry we grew this year. They seemed to produce tons of small bite sized tomatoes. They were very juicy and the perfect eating size. They also seem to be disease resistant and do not mind high humidity. I thought they performed very well considering all the rain we have been getting the past few weeks. So they are a winner in my book. They had a good taste, but not quite as tasty as the other two varieties in my opinion which brings me to the next cherry tomato variety.

Below is a picture of the Chadwick Cherry tomato. Now these were somewhat larger and had small dimples on the shoulders. They were however quite juicy and had a very good flavor, but you'll want to cut them in half for eating. Beautiful red color and is a pretty popular cherry variety. Good strong vines with decent yields. Overall I was quite happy with this variety it had a good traditional tomato flavor. Now when it comes to the best tasting tomato of the cherry varieties we grew well that brings me to final cherry tomato.

Below is the last variety of cherry tomato we grew this year and it also happens to be the best tasting variety. It's called the Tommy Toe tomato. Now this is an old heirloom variety that happens to be from the Ozark region. It's very popular in Australia and not as commonly heard of in the US although it is available through us as well as some other seed companies. It is a little larger than the Chadwick cherry and much larger than the Mexican Midget. It's also juicy, but what sets it apart is it's classic rich tomato flavor. We tested them quite a few times and each time we all agreed this cherry had the best flavor. It's also very productive.

But when it comes down to it all three varieties are great in their own ways. No matter which one you choose I'm sure you'll find they all can add a wonderful bounty to your garden harvest.

Well that wraps us this article and if you want to try any of these varieties please visit our link below which takes you to our tomato page and the varieties are listed there for purchase.

Happy gardening!