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Q. Do you grow organically?

A. Yes we do in fact grow organically on our small farm. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides on our plants. We also only use organic fertilizers. However at this time we are NOT certified organic which is a process.

Q. Do you have a store open to the public?

A. At this time we do not have a store open to the public. Since we are a small family run business and most of our attention is geared towards growing, packing orders, and shipping we simply do not have the extra time to run a physical store. However in the future this could change, but for now we are simply an online store.


Q. What are Heirloom Seeds?

A. Basically heirloom seeds are seeds from plants that have been passed down from one generation to another. The ultimate value of these seeds lie in their flavor, productivity, hardiness or adaptability. Many heirlooms have been grown, saved, and passed down for more than 100 years. And some heirloom seeds have an amazing history reaching back as far as 300 years or more! They are open pollinated seeds; you can plant them harvest their seeds and reuse the seeds you save to plant the following year. So you can keep the cycle going.


Q. Where does your seed come from?

A. Like most heirloom seed companies we currently grow around 15 to 20% of our seed stock. Every year certain varieties are picked to be grown for the following spring. The rest of our stock comes from other heirloom growers who are committed to growing NON GMO. We carefully selected which growers to work with for the best stock. We would love to grow all our own varieties, but space limits the amount of varieties we are able to grow at once. Putting too many varieties too close together can cause seed purity issues and we don't want that.


Q. How are seed amounts calculated?

A. Most seed amounts are figured by weight so seed amounts may vary, however we try and give extra seeds. Some of the varieties like peas, peppers, tomatoes, and etc. are counted by hand since it is harder to get an accurate seed count by weight each time.


Q. What does NON GMO mean?

A. NON GMO means that these seeds have not been genetically engineered or altered. Genetically engineered means that an organisms genetic material has been engineered or altered by human manipulation and therefore affects the organism in ways that would not occur under natural conditions. So that's why these seeds are special.


Q. Are GMOs safe?

A. That's a good question, actually in many Countries around the world there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs. In the U.S. on the other hand, the FDA has approved commercial production of GMOs, however some of these GMO products have not been thoroughly tested and proven safe. We choose to grow NON GMO seeds for our family because we feel that is what is safest and best.


Q. What zone do I live in?

A. See Chart below


Q. When will my item be shipped?

A. Once payment clears we begin to package the order for shipment usually handling this time is around 3 to 5 days. If there are any issues with shipping or delays we will contact you via email. If you order on Friday and our packages have already been picked up, we will ship out following Monday as long as the mail is running. And of course if you order Saturday or Sunday order will be shipped out following Monday. Shipping amounts are determined by weight and according to current shipping rates which are subject to change.


Q. What form of payments do you take?

A. We currently accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, & American Express. Sorry we don't take any checks or money orders.


Q. Do you ship to international countries?

A. Unfortunately we no longer ship abroad. Importing laws in other countries have lately become very strict. It's just to risky.


Q. Are the Mylar bags resealable?

A. Yes the bags are resealable. If perhaps you want to open your sealed bag to look at your products and then close it back simply take a hot iron and apply to edges of open bag to reseal. Please use extreme caution when using an iron!