Giant Musselberg Leek Seeds QTY. 50

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Variety that originated in Scotland. An old producer with thick stalks that are over 2" in diameter. Good flavor, but mild. Renowned for it's beautiful foliage and robust nature. 

  • QTY: 50
  • Seed Planting Depth: 1/8-1/4"
  • Germination Temperature: 50-85
  • Days to Germination: 3-13
  • Row Spacing: 6"
  • Plant Spacing: 5-6"
  • 100' Row Yield:
  • 100 lb Sun:
  • Full Harvest time: 65 days

How to Save Seeds 

Leeks will not cross with onions, only other leeks so isolate by ¾ of a mile. There is no need to store overwinter simply leave them in the garden until the next year. If you have terribly cold winters you can always mulch them or hill up the dirt around them. Once next year arrives the leeks will produce an umbel which should be ready around the fall; once the umbel is dry pick them and rub them in your hands over a clean surface to release the seeds.