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Ball's Orange Calendula is a beautiful and unique flowering plant that boasts an array of fiery orange petals that are sure to catch the eye of any passerby.  As an early 1900s heirloom perennial in warm areas, the vibrancy of this plant is unmatched, with its vivid hues radiating warmth. One of the most remarkable features of Ball's Orange Calendula is its ability to thrive in a variety of environments. Whether planted in a garden bed or in a container, this versatile plant is easy to care for and will provide a burst of color that lasts throughout the season. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space, and its low-maintenance nature makes it a perfect choice for novice gardeners.

  • QTY. 50

 How to grow

Choose a sunny spot: For optimal growth, calendula thrives in full sun. Make sure to choose an area in your garden that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Prepare the soil: Calendula prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Enhance your soil's fertility by adding compost or well-rotted manure. Plant the seeds: In early spring or fall, you can sow calendula seeds directly into the ground. Scatter the seeds thinly and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Water the soil gently to keep it moist. Water regularly: Calendula requires regular watering, but be sure not to overwater. In hot weather, water deeply once a week, or more often if necessary. Deadhead regularly: To stimulate more blooms, make sure to deadhead the spent flowers. Simply pinch off the dried flower heads or cut them off with scissors. Harvest the flowers: Calendula flowers can be harvested once they're fully opened.