Mexican Midget Tomato QTY. 25 (Indeterminate)

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Mexican Midget a prolific producer of cherry tomatoes. Wonderful tomato flavor with a hint of sweetness. Vines grow long and are sturdy, but will need support. Skins ripen red and are thick. Great salad tomato.

  • QTY: 25
  • Seed Planting Depth: 1/4" 
  • Germination Temperature: 75-85 
  • Days to Germination: 7-10
  •  Row Spacing: 24" 
  • Plant Spacing: 12-18" 
  • 100' Row Yield: 40 lb 
  • Sun: Full
  • Harvest time: 73 days

 How to Save Seeds

Tomatoes are self pollinating, so separate by 50 ft is sufficient. Harvest tomatoes when ripe and you can even let them set for a week or so before saving seeds. Once you are ready to harvest simply cut in half scoop out seeds and pulp into a mason jar of water for fermenting. Then seal jar with a lid and place in and warm place out of direct sunlight. After 5 to 7 days of fermenting pour out seeds floating on top of the water along with mold and then pour rest of the good seeds, on the bottom, over a fine mess strainer to catch them. Dry well in fine mesh or paper towels but turn often so they don't stick to paper.



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    Mexican Midget

    Posted by Connie White on 21st Sep 2021

    These are so tasty, its hard to make it to the house with them. The seeds are quick to germinate, plants are ALWAYS hearty and fast to grow, bloom, and produce all the way till frost. They do need room to grow, staking, or a trellis as they are viney.